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Fire pit Steel Cup 80

Fire pit Steel Cup 80

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Steel Cup look good in Finnish landscape. Steel Cup saves nature and helps keep places in the wild. It is easy to get Steel Cup in the picnic - the floating fire is a nice excitement. Floating significantly expands the possibilities of landscape design
The view of the floating fire in the evening is poetic.
Diameter 80 cm, steel thickness 2mm
The steel is environmentally friendly, recycling is easy. Steel Cup works well as a flower pot.
Let your imagination fly and ideate your own unique fire place!

Steel Cup must be attached to rock, stone, sand and so on. Attachment Options for installation:
  • 1 x d 8 mm hole in the center - To fasten the stone or rock, drill the anchor screw. Mounting to ground (ground screw)
  • 3 x d 8 mm hole in the middle at 30mm distance - to fasten the anchor screw to the stone or rock. (concrete column, tree stump, pillar etc.)
  • 3 x d 8 mm holes with 150mm spacing - installation on three rocks
  • floating bowl - 1 x d 8 hole at the top and 3m steel chain.

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    • Model: tmalja80
    • Shipping Weight: 18lbs


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